Medpack Swiss Group Flag at Mont Blanc

Medpack Swiss Group Flag at Mont Blanc

We at Medpack Swiss Group have always held our partners dear and in the highest esteem as to our business and personal undertakings. That's why we do cherish any signs of appreciation our partners can give us in return. The latest one - that we are excited to share - came from the Founder and Patron of Med-Service drugstore network in Ukraine.

We know Oleg Tokarev as a remarkable businessman with leader work attitude: it takes years of perseverance and a strong vision to build the largest company with more than 320 pharmacies and top-selling premium products rates.

Medpack Swiss Group and Med-Service are partners for more than 15 years, and our partnership has grown into a friendship over the years. That's how we learned that Oleg is also a professional mountain climber. We are honored by Oleg's recent ascending the Mont Blanc summit, the highest European mountain, where he unfolded the Medpack Swiss Group red flag to the world! On behalf of Medpack Swiss Group, we would like to thank Oleg for being the excellent partner and wish a lot of new peaks to conquer successfully!