Yacht Week in Croatia

There was a wonderful yacht week organized and sponsored by the founders of Medpack Swiss Group. Top managers of Global Distribution team participated in the event.  Flotilia took place in Croatia where three catamarans sailed among numerous picturesque islands in the Adrian Sea.

It was like a fairy tale with swimming breaks, sunbathing, themed parties including Pirate Party and White Party, local gastro tours, retro car racing, excursions to the ancient Croatian cities.

Members of Medpack Swiss Group global distribution team have got a possibility to relax, share their experience in realizing the main corporate idea. Boris Kuptsov, a president of Medpack Swiss Group, mentioned: “First of all, I would like to thank all the managers for their fruitful performance of all the projects within our company strategy. Thanks to such events and unofficial meetings the atmosphere in the company becomes more friendly and warmer!”

We are pleased to share the video dedicated to the above mentioned event with all of you who visit our website!