Our Brands at Arab Health 2018

Born in Switzerland, Delivered to the World
The first expo show Medpack Swiss Group used to participate at the beginning of the year is Arab Health, DWTC, Dubai, UAE. Every year this show gathers the leaders and the main players of the market to discuss the current issues, to share new ideas and innovations as well as to choose new ways of the development for the nearest future.
All the exhibitors have an opportunity to get the feedback about their products and services offered. Taking into account all the comments they have a possibility to modify or improve their technologies accordingly. Successful technologies and products guarantee increase of the volume and the map of the distribution.
Medpack Swiss Group widens the range and the assortment of its Swiss Premium Quality Medical Brands. Its mission is to become the valuable and reliable supplier of high quality products for health and beauty. All the visitors of the booth could check the latest ones, and receive important details. All the products are intended to support people in their efforts to be healthy, feel good and focus on results.
We would like to thank all our visitors for their comments concerning the products they have already seen and tried, and the ones they have been introduced at the booth during the show.

Our Brand at Arab Health 2018