Mission Health Expo in Sofia, Bulgaria

Medhouse Swiss Bulgaria took part in the Mission Health Expo that was held in front of the Monument of the Soviet Army in Sofia , Bulgaria from 15 to 17 May 2015. As the World Hypertension Day was on the 17 May 2015, Hypertension management was the main theme of the event. A wide range of products offered by the company was shown at the booth and a leading cardiologist, Marinov from City Clinics, was invited to give free consultations and advice regarding hypertension management to all the visitors. He recommended a new line of medical devices from the Swiss brand Dr.Frei, in particular the latest and accurate automatic blood pressure monitor model M-500A with a blood pressure level indicator, CAM technology - Clinically Accurate Measurement, and IHB Advanced technology.

A lecture was given with important tips as well as practicalities including accurate measurement procedures. Some visitors bought the monitors during the event.

The Medhouse Swiss Bulgaria team also consulted visitors regarding medical bandages from the MedTextile and Dr.Frei brands, emphasizing their high quality and special design.

It was a great opportunity to demonstrate the main benefits of the company, highligh the top-quality service in the supply of medical devices and increase a number of business contacts. The participation in this event was a very useful and successful one.