MedTextile at XXIV Belarusian Medical Forum

The XXIV Belarusian Medical Forum took place in Minsk, Republic of Belarus on March 21-24, 2017.

Today “Healthcare of Belarus” (BelarusMedica) remains the largest medical exhibition in Belarus where experience of the world leading and local vendors, as well as the manufacturers of medical products is demonstrated. There the practitioners are informed about the condition status and development trends of this industry both in Belarus and abroad.

The “Healthcare of Belarus” (BelarusMedica) Annual Specialized Exhibition makes considerable contribution to implementing new medical technologies and improving the health care system of Belarus.

Wide assortment of medical bandages and supports under MedTextile brand has been successfully displayed at the event offering both in-demand products and products with special purposes and prescriptions.

MedTextile at XXIV Belarusian Medical Forum