A STORY OF SMILE Dentissimo Premium Oral Care

The premium brand Dentissimo was devised by one of the leading dental clinics in Switzerland, the medical center Perfect Smile Swiss Dental Care Bad Ragaz, in collaboration with Medpack Swiss Group.
The fabled thermal waters of the unique spa area endowed Dr. Michael Meier /Director of Perfect Smile Dental Care/ and Dr. Anzhelika Salit /Development Director of the Dentissimo Medpack Swiss Group/ with inspiration for the Dentissimo Premium Oral Care product line.
The many years of experience of the two internationally renowned dentists have made a decisive contribution to the creation of the globally unique premium design product. The formulas of Dentissimo have been developed on the basis of the latest research in the field of oral and dental care as well as with attention to individual patients' needs.

Dr. Michael Meier says about Dentissimo Project: "From our practice, we know that every person has their own needs when it comes to dental care.
To meet these queries, we developed the products that are as individual as we humans are.
They side with people in a natural way and therefore offer them a little more quality in life.
That's why we support Dentissimo's goal of creating tailor-made products for individual needs and specific target groups."

"Vitality, joy for life and health are reflected through beautiful and healthy teeth. We at Bad Ragaz Perfect Smile Swiss Dental Care put your individual wishes in focus. At the top of our list are preventive measures to maintain and enhance the beauty of your teeth. We guarantee the highest quality and stand for the most modern, interdisciplinary treatment methods and techniques. A pleasant practice atmosphere combined with the highest professional competence of the whole team lays the foundation for gentle, fearless and sustainable treatment."

Yet in the 16th century, the Swiss alchemist, physician and philosopher Paracelsus praised the healing properties of the thermal waters from the Tamina gorge because of the deep mineral composition and the temperature 36.5 degrees Celsius.

In 1242 the thermal spring was discovered and the spring water was used to cure people, who were lowered in wicker boxes on long ropes into the thermal springs. Paracelsus scientifically confirmed the healing power of the water and admired its extraordinary composition:
"The spring water is a special substance from God."

In those ancient times, first tourists began descending by ropes into the gorge, and since 1840 a pipeline 4 km long had already been laid to Bad Ragaz town, where the first European indoor thermal pool was built in 1872.
This became the basis of the worldwide recognition for the thermal and health resort, which attracted esteemed guests, such as Nietzsche, Thomas Mann and Victor Hugo. Guests from all walks of life, princes and religious dignitaries, famous aristocrats, politicians and economists from different parts of the world felt well and comfortable in picturesque, health-boosting Swiss spa area.
They were relieved from their ailments in the thermal waters.
After all, it had been known since antiquity that the thermal water had a beneficial and healing effect on the entire body.

Dr. Anzhelika Salit says about Dentissimo Project Development: "Bad Ragaz is the true spirit of Switzerland and its strength and pureness endlessly inspire for creation of new Dentissimo Premium Oral Care products.
Our work at the Research and Development department in Medpack Swiss Group is currently focused on the new Dentissimo SPA Complex line.
We believe it will significantly benefit and exceed expectations of our Dentissimo Premium Oral Care customers."