Oral Care





DENTISSIMO® products are produced at the most modern factory with high technologies and GMP Certificate.
Production division is equipped with 8 special turbo-emulsifiers from 50 lt to 6.000 lt homogeneous for typology, for a production capacity of 20.000 kg for each daily working turn.
Besides this, the factory has the capability to 15.000 lt liquid solutions.
For alcoholic products, dedicated systems have been installed: anti-deflagrating, safe and according to regulations.
DENTISSIMO® products are born daily according to detailed productive processes and certified control.





DENTISSIMO® Advanced Whitening GOLD is a Premium toothpaste-gel which is exclusively manufactured at Medena AG factory in Switzerland.
High-technological equipment of mixing and filling lines guarantees the accuracy, eciency and safety of the production cycle. Strict compliance of mixing, dosing and packaging processes with international standards is verified by Halal Certification Services, GMP Certification and ISO Specification.
The Research and Development team works on new product formulas according to market demands. The Quality Assurance team performs daily control of DENTISSIMO® mix ingredients and manufacturing practices.
Thus, final DENTISSIMO® products meet rigid technological regulations, health and safety standards, and customers' needs in oral care.


The Story of a Smile



The premium brand Dentissimo products for oral care were developed by specialists of the leading dental  clinic in Switzerland, Perfect Smile Swiss Dental Care, Bad Ragaz Grand Resort medical center. The source of  inspiration for internationally renowned doctors - Dr. Michael Meier, Founder of the Perfect Smile Dental Care  Bad Ragaz clinic, Switzerland, and his colleagues from Oral Care Research and Development department in  Medpack Swiss Group, Switzerland, – originated from thermal water of a unique spring in the Swiss resort of  Bad Ragaz.

Dentissimo toothpaste formulas were developed taking into account the latest research on oral care  methods and considering the patients’ individual specific features.

The best way to keep Your Smile brilliant is to clean teeth with Dentissimo!


«Thanks to our experience gained over the years, we know that each individual case in dental care is unique. To accommodate the numerous characteristics of patients we have created multifunctional and at the same time as unique products as each of us. The goal of the project is to improve the quality of life for our patients by providing them with high-grade oral care products.»

Dr. Michael Meier , Founder of Perfect Smile Swiss Dental Care, Switzerland



Vitality, joy for life and health are reflected through beautiful and healthy teeth. We at Bad Ragaz Perfect Smile Swiss Dental Care put your individual wishes in focus. At the top of our list are preventive measures to maintain and enhance the beauty of your teeth. We guarantee the highest quality and stand for the most modern, interdisciplinary treatment methods and techniques. A pleasant practice atmosphere combined with the highest professional competence of the whole team lays the foundation for comfortable, painless and sustainable treatment.



As early as 1242, the healing quality of thermal water was discovered: in order to heal from ailments, people were lowered in wicker boxes on long ropes into the thermal springs.


In the 16th century, the Swiss alchemist, physician and philosopher Paracelsus praised the curative properties of the thermal water from Tamina gorge for its unusually rich mineral composition and the optimal for a man temperature of 36.5°C. Paracelsus scientifically confirmed the healing power of the water and said that the water from a spring in the gorge is a special gift to people from God.


In 1840 a four-kilometer pipeline was laid to the city of Bad Ragaz where the first European indoor thermal pool was built in 1872. From here began the well-developed infrastructure of thermal baths and spa resorts, which initially attracted such guests as Nietzsche, Thomas Mann and Victor Hugo. Representatives of the upper classes – princes and dignitaries, aristocrats, politicians and economists from different parts of the world – felt comfortable and cozy in Bad Ragaz. They recovered in the thermal pool because from ancient times it was known that thermal water had a beneficial effect on the human body in general.


Bad Ragaz is the true spirit of Switzerland and its strength and pureness endlessly inspire for creation of new Dentissimo Premium Oral Care products. Today, the work at the Research and Development department in Medpack Swiss Group, Switzerland, is focused on the new Dentissimo SPA Complex line which will significantly benefit the Dentissimo Premium Oral Care customers.