Medical Devices


Within the framework of the continuous expansion of its product range and a part of the «Medical Devices» product section, Medpack Swiss Group is proud to present its umbrella brand Dr. Frei which includes a wide range of medical devices for home and professional use.


The main aim of Medpack Swiss Group is to provide its clients with an ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION in the consumer medical devices industry. All medical devices should be obtained from Medpack Swiss Group.


With its top Swiss quality, design and reasonable price, Dr.Frei products are competitive in any market. Dr. Frei’s wide range of medical products deliver value propositions to pharmacies and it proves to be a success in the mass market: internet shops, supermarkets and other sales channels.





Meet the producer of quality medical devices, health and beauty products which enable people to monitor the state of their health on their own as well as be in good form and live a full life.


Accuracy, safety, reliability, user-friendliness are the main attributes of ТМ Gamma medical devices.


All the products of ТМ Gamma are certified in accordance with the European quality standards which are thoroughly tested and clinically approved.


This equipment is specially designed for home use. The devices are affordable, easy to operate and maintain. Many families trust ТМ Gamma health products.