Gynecological Tests

Pregnancy Tests

The earliest pregnancy detection comes from home pregnancy tests. The test is based on determining the human chorionic gonadotropin(a hormone produced by the placenta after fertilization) levels in the urine.


Due to the high sensitivity of - 10 mIU / mL, the home pregnancy test will most likely tell you whether you are pregnant or not 7 to 10 days after conception, i.e. after a few days before a missed period. After the 1st day of a missed period, the accuracy of home pregnancy tests is more than 99.5%. The home pregnancy tests include simple and affordable test strips and a modern midstream test of the 3rd generation.

Ovulation Tests

After each cycle, there is a conception window of only 2 days.

There are several ways in which these 2 days can be determined. A simple, accurate and affordable home method is a test to determine luteinizing hormone in the urine of women. It is for this method of work tests for determining ovulation there is the corresponding product under Home Test.