Condoms and intimate accessories Dolphi


DOLPHI condoms are designed for maximum pleasure and comfort. A wide assortment of condoms corresponds to the anatomical features giving varieties of sensory experience.

All condoms are made of premium quality latex that offers high thermal conductivity and elasticity as well as a natural tactile experience.

Feel more with DOLPHI, get more pleasure!


LEX represents reliable condoms with classical designs. The TOP items in demand make up the product assortment. All condoms are made of 100% natural latex with hypoallergenic lubricants.

LEX’s exclusive design is characterized by its consistency and laconism that highlights its status and its focus is on its functional properties.

LEX represents top-quality condoms with classical designs and competitive prices. They are recommended to be sold primarily via pharmacies.

Choose reliability and functionality with LEX! Only natural senses and nothing more!